Love Story of Sean & Kim

Groom: Sean
Bride: Kim

• We were both from Damai Secondary School
• We met on first day of school in 2008

• We were both late on the first day of school and we sat beside each other at late corner.
• As we both walked to our classroom, we realized both of us were walking in the same direction.
• In our minds, we were both hoping that we were not of the same class…
• Unfortunately… We were.
• When we entered the class, everyone had already chosen where they wanted to sit.
• There was only 2 empty seats in front of the class and that seats were meant for both of us.
• We dragged our feet to the seat and both thinking of “why must I sit with this person…”
• It was all very awkward for both of us.
• Luckily our teacher came in after that and was not happy with the seating arrangement and she separated us.
• We were both very happy since we didn’t have to sit beside each other anymore.
• We didn’t talk much since then.

• Few months later after our accounting exam, our accounting teacher wrote all our names and scores on a mahjong paper and plastered it at the back of the classroom.
• The teacher used a red marker and drew a line across the name list to distinguish the failures. There were 3 failures in class.
• We both stood in front of the list and stared at the paper and he was second in class while I was second from the bottom.
• I turned to him and asked “Can you teach me accounting?” He replied “No”.
• I asked him again “Then can you share with me, how do you study accounting?”
• He looked at me and said “Don’t tell you”, then he walked away proudly.

• A few days later, our science teacher revealed our science results.
• I got top in class for science.
• He walked towards my desk and said “can you teach me science?”
• I looked up to him and replied “No.”
• And I continued “how about I teach you science and you teach me accounting?”
• He thought for a while and nodded his head.

• We studied together ever since and we got a lot closer than before.
• After O level we went to different polytechnic and pursue different interests.
• We still studied together and sometimes even watched movies together.

• One day, while we were studying…
• He took my phone and changed his contact name without me knowing.
• He then called me using his phone and told me my phone is ringing.
• I looked over to my phone and it shows “will you be my gf? Calling…”


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