WHY Theanimate?

Most modern weddings have a typical slide show showcasing the couple in a variety of settings. What these photos include are meant to convey a certain story the couple wants to present to guests. These photos could be individual childhood moments that invoke nostalgia for family members or friends who have known the couple since childhood. Or the slideshow can showcase important memories in the couple’s relationship: a shot of the place they went on their first date, where the proposal took place, or favourite places the couple visits. All this gives the guest an inside peek into how the relationship grew into a marriage. All of these examples are narratives that the couple wishes to tell their guests regarding their love.

However, when thinking about presenting a precious part of their lives while entertaining guests, it can be hard to maintain a balance between sentiment and entertainment. Every couple wants something different and unique added to their special day, so implementing a wedding cartoon is a great choice in mixing traditional and modernity. A wedding cartoon can be as simple as an animation of the couple engagement photos or a series of stories that are important memories in their relationship.

Creating a wedding cartoon is great for the ‘young at heart’ couples or those wishing to strike a balance between sentiment and entertainment. Thinking of the traditional cartoon evokes a feeling of being childish but the wedding cartoon strikes the perfect balance of sweet, modern and sentimental. Conveying how the couple met, the progression of the relationship and funny anecdotes can be hard to properly convey through a microphone. The visual representation that a wedding cartoon provides allow guests to visually be a part of the progression of the couples love story and is a beautiful memory for all the guests. We believe that implementing a wedding cartoon into the reception will be a guaranteed success and a memento that can stay with the couple forever.

love story animation


Is our animations custom?

Yes, all of the animations are 100% custom. It’s unique, and we create it according to your storyline/script.

Production time of animation

About 45 to 60 days. It depends on the length of the script.(Depends on schedule, too.)

How will the animation be delivered?

We will send you a download link. The animation will be converted to various video formats that you need.

Will you make non-wedding love story animation?

Yes. No matter your stories are about your baby, parents, best friends, birthday, anniversary, etc.. we do it all.